Artcrete New Canvas – White




FAUX BRICK® NEW CANVAS is a mixture of cement and fine aggregates designed to provide a smooth surface to floors and concrete countertops. It provides an excellent base for staining and scoring.

Green Concrete: No Resin required, but surface must be damp.

Existing Concrete: Mix with Faux Brick® Resin.

Coverage: 250-350 sq. ft./gallon, depending upon surface profile.

Mixing: Add one gallon Faux Brick® New Canvas to 3 quarts of Faux Brick® Resin. For larger areas, use 4 gallons Faux Brick® New Canvas to 3 gallons of Faux Brick® Resin. Mix well until the Faux Brick® New Canvas is a creamy consistency.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 13.5 in