Surecrete SC Polymer Concentrate


32 oz.

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SureCrete’s liquid concrete polymer concentrate is a 55% solids copolymer emulsion (vinyl acetate-ethylene or VAE) designed for use as a fortifying admixture for cement based products. It offers these advantages:

  • Improved Adhesion
  • Reduced Permeability
  • Increased Abrasion Resistance
  • Assists the Curing Process
  • Improved Flexural Strength
  • Improved Tensile Strength
  • Enhanced Freeze/Thaw Durability

SC Polymer Concentrate will enhance the properties of any concrete and is typically used for patching materials, bridge decks, grouts, stucco, decorative thin cement-based overlays. It will create the following primers for Surecrete systems:

  • SurePrime
  • EcoPrime

Mixing ratios:

SurePrime                    1:1        27.5%  Solids

EcoPrime                    4:1        11%  Solids

Dual Component           2:1        18%    Solids

Overlays                       3:1        13.8% Solids

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