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Concrete Design Center 

Display your talents!

Do you have a completed job that you are especially proud of and want to display your talents? Please send pictures of completed projects and descriptions of the products used that were purchased from one of our three Concrete Design Center locations (i.e. acid stains, epoxies, overlays, color hardeners, releases,  sealers etc.) to danny@concretedesigncenter.com, and we will proudly display them on our Facebook page, along with your contact information.  We frequently refer customers to this page to show them examples of work that can be done.

Stained Concrete

A mixture of water, salts and acid is applied to the concrete surface and later neutralized by a basic solution of ammonia and water. This chemical reaction with the existing minerals in the concrete creates new colors on the concrete surface.

Whether you seek a Tuscan, Southwestern, traditional, contemporary, rustic or Old World look, acid-etched stained concrete floors make a stunning choice.

Stained Concrete Overview (2-Part)

Click here for the 2nd Part of the Stained Concrete Overview.